The zk-Identity Layer

zkMe builds Identity Oracles that leverage the power of zero-knowledge-proofs to enable secure, self-sovereign and private credential verifications.

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zkMe Overview

Truly private and decentralized Identities

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  • For Users

    Self-Sovereign Identity

    Be in control of who gets to see your credentials


    Earn kick-backs for every credential of yours verified

    Ultimate Privacy

    None of your data is ever processed by anyone except yourself

  • For Projects

    Fight Bots and Sybil

    Ensure each account represents one user

    Compliance Track such as KYC/AML & KYB

    Private yet compliant solution to tailor to user needs

    Leverage MeScores into Your Business' Value

    Transform on and offline data into usable outputs for your business needs

What is an Identity Oracle?

An Identity Oracles treats each identity as its own consolidated set of data. For example, just as you're able to ask a weather oracle for New York's weather, you can ask an Identity Oracle for the credentials of an identity.

Through zkMe, our revolutionary Identity Oracle is a new way to verify credentials without relying on trust or intermediaries. Using Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) and Multi-Party Computations (MPC) to ensure compliance while maintaining decentralization & user privacy.

Users generate proof of their credentials anonymously, which are then verified automatically and linked to the user's chosen chain ecosystem. Service providers can request access to these verified claims without users having to share their private data.

This setup allows users to access restricted services without compromising their privacy, and service providers can enforce eligibility requirements without relying on central authority.

The zkMe value proposition

      • Total attestations

      Identity infrastructure for the mass adoption of Web3




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