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zkMe verifies user credentials without disclosing any personal information to anyone! Through the use of innovative zero-knowledge technologies, it is the only KYC solution to be fully decentralized, private-by-design and compliant with global AML requirements.
zkMe Biz allows to keep the ethos of web3 in regulated crypto businesses.

Why zkMe?

Many identity service providers make wild claims regarding data protection and regulatory compliance; many misuse or misrepresent terms. zkMe is the only solution to deliver on all of the following fronts in a certified and verifiable manner:

    • Privacy-by-Design

    • End-to-End Zero-Knowledge

      All data processing of personal data is processed fully automatically, directly on your end device or in a decentralized oracle network. At NO point in the due diligence process does ANY party (no regulator, no company, no shady 3rd party "data processor", not even zkMe) have access to ANY personally identifying information. NO personal data is shared, NO personal data is stored on centralized servers.

    • Selective Disclosure

      Personal information is only shared when, where and strictly as irreducibly needed in form of yes/no responses to predefined demographic questions (e.g. zkMe reveals: "Yes, user is over 18 years old" rather than revealing the actual birthdate). The available questions are designed to make it virtually impossible to infer a single user's identity.

    • Self-Sovereign Identity

      The credential holder is FULLY in control of all and any sharing of data (even of anonymized information). He can amend, update and revoke verification permissions on a project-by-project basis from the convenience of their mobile phone. NO "email-us-to-delete-your-data" processes, NO sharing of data without explicit consent.

    • Decentralization

    • Multi-Party-Computation Identity Oracle

      All trust-building determinations and computations (incl. the verification of user credentials, zero-knowledge proof generation and the encryption and decryption of user data) are handled by a decentralized network of node operators. NO central computation, NO avenue for protocol manipulation, NO relying on proxy verifications.

    • Decentralized Autonomous Organization

      Once deployed, the evolution and general governance of the zkMe infrastructure will transition to a zkMe decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), governed by the zkMe native token $ZKM. NO central control.

    • Party-Agnostic

      NO role in the zkMe infrastructure is fixed and controlled by a single entity (incl. zkMe itself); i.e. who is "Issuer", "Holder", "Verifier", "Node Operator" or even "Regulator" is context-specific and role changes, duplications or removals are possible at any time given consent by the governing DAO.

    • Compliance

    • KYC Requirements

      zkMe fulfills both existing FATF recommendation, EU 6AML directives and upcoming EU MiCA and US Lummis-Gilibrand bill requirements on customer due diligence. Protocols can certify that due diligence checks have been processed. Thanks to threshold cryptography, the real identity of the user remains unknown until the government initiates 'bad actor' proceedings and the Regulator, Verifier and Issuer come together to decrypt the KYC documentation provided. Verifiably anonymous until proven guilty.

    • W3C Standards

      zkMe is built with compliance to the W3C DID, VC and VP standards.

    • Travel Rule Requirements

      zkMe ensures that all parties involved in transactions (assuming user consent) from or to KYCed user have access to a verifiable proof of eligibility and are able to recover user data when the Regulator initiates bad actor proceedings.

    • Transparency

    • Open Source & Composable

      All algorithms required to run the zkme infrastructure, incl. how user credentials are verified, or zero-knowledge proofs are generated are open sourced, audited regularly and provided to the ecosystem to expand and build additional credential use cases on.

    • Cross-Silo and Multi-Chain Identity

      zkMe is able to process and cross-polinate credentials across all identity silos. Your web3 identities (e.g. your Metamask, or Trust wallets) anonymously benefit from credentials in your real life or web2 identities (e.g. your FICO credit score or your social media following).

    • Inclusive Tokenomics

      zkMe runs on the utility of its native token $ZKM. All transaction, minting and onboarding fees by the Verifiers are paid in $ZKM, node operators receive $ZKM as compensation for running the infrastructure and credential holders are rewarded in kind for their participation in the broader ecosystem.

How does zkMe work?

Verify Identity

Mint Soulbound Token

Onboard with Ease

Manage Permissions
  • Verify Identity
  • Mint Soulbound Token
  • Onboard with Ease
  • Manage Permissions

Verify liveness, uniqueness and your government issued credentials such as your photo ID from your phone or browser. Within a couple of minutes, the decentralized identity oracle issues a confirmation of successful verification, zero-knowledge proof generation and sealing of the underlying documentation in a decentralized data vault directly to your zkMe app.

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