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Web3 Credential Basics

New to Web3? Not for long — start with these guides and explainers

  • ZKP - A Beginner's Guide to Enhanced Privacy in Blockchain

  • A New Paradigm for Digital Identities and Credentials: web3

  • How to mint your web3.0 : zkMe SBT

What makes zkMe different from other credential networks?
How does zkMe ensure privacy and security in identity issuance and verification?
What are the potential use cases for zkMe?
How does zkMe compare to traditional KYC solutions?
How does zkMe integrate with Web3 protocols?
What is the zkMe team's background and expertise?
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Use Cases
  • Facilitating Developments in Permissioned DeFi with zkMe

  • Embrace the Future of Fair Airdrops with zkMe DID

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