• zkMe Biz

  • zkMe Biz is the AML solution for web3. Fully private AML compliance
  • Ultimate Data Protection

    Using zkMe you have certainty that no private identifiable information (PII) of your customer is ever compromised. Once credentials are verified and validation proofs stored in decentralized storage with state-of-the-art threshold cryptography, no PII is stored anywhere. No data leaks possible where no data is stored. Reduce your data storage costs and protect your user privacy with zkMe Biz.

    • Sybil-Protection

      zkMe Biz decomposes credentials into elementary zero-knowledge proofs that can be queried independently. Protect against bots with ID-based uniqueness, humanity and liveness checks without imposing excessive verification and data sharing burdens to the user.

    • KYC Compliance

      Fulfill global KYC requirements in the least intrusive way possible. Verifiably anonymous users that are auditable if (and only if) the regulator initiates bad actor proceedings.

      • DApp compatible

        zkMe Biz is decentralized, user verification smart contracts are available for Ethereum based DApps.

      • Costs

        zkMe Biz is the most efficient way of doing KYC. No storage, no implementation efforts. Due diligence checks processed quickly and lightweight through the use of simple API calls.

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