• Why is zkMe the ultimate tool to
    protect your privacy?

    Unlike other eKYC solutions, the zkMe app actually does not share any personal identifiable information (PII) to anyone. By generating mathematical zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge, the zkMe infrastructure behind the zkMe app only discloses yes/no answers to a list of predetermined elegibility questions on your credentials. For example, by using the zkMe app, you can proof you are over 18, without disclosing your actual birthday.

Why use the zkMe App?

  • Shield your Privacy

    No credential verified through the zkMe app is stored on any centralized storage, making it virtual impossible for any private data leak. The only thing shared (if authorized by you) are yes/no answers to basic elegibility questions such as "are you over 18 years old?".

    Be Self-Sovereign

    The zkMe app puts you in control of any and all sharing of your data, even if that data is anonymized through the use of zero-knowledge. You see and control which proofs have been generated and are active, which chain ecosystems these proofs are being used in and which applications have authorization to verify your eligibility.

  • Reuse your Verifications

    Once you verified your credentials through the zkMe app, the proofs generated can be reused with any application that onboarded the zkMe Biz protocol.

    Earn in the process

    zkMe is the only eKYC solutions that shares the fees generated for the verification of your eligibility checks with you, the credential holder. The more you verify, the more you earn.

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