Revolutionizing Digital Identity with zkMe & Linea
July 4, 2023 143

In today’s interconnected world, traditional identity verification methods often fall short, exposing individuals to data breaches and privacy infringements. zkMe and Linea recognize this critical issue and have come together to provide a transformative alternative.
zkMe’s Identity Soulbound Token represents a new approach for identity verification that addresses key issues inherent in today’s methods.
Identity Soulbound Token is designed to help users quickly complete anti-bot/sybil checks on the Linea network without needing to connect a wallet, allowing users to directly benefit from their identity data.

Overview of zkMe and Linea

zkMe, a pioneering provider of zero-knowledge proofs, offers a transformative solution to the problem of identity verification without compromising privacy. By harnessing the power of advanced cryptographic techniques, zkMe empowers individuals to maintain full control over their sensitive information while engaging in secure digital interactions. On the other hand, Linea has developed a developer-ready zk rollup platform designed to overcome the scalability limitations faced by Ethereum dapps. Together, zkMe and Linea offer a comprehensive solution that tackles the core challenges of privacy, security, and scalability in decentralized identity.

Partnership Details

By partnering with Linea, zkMe introduces the Identity Soulbound Token on the Linea network. Let’s delve into the partnership details, highlighting the remarkable benefits of Identity Soulbound Token and their practical applications:

1️⃣ Swift Anti-Bot/Sybil Checks: With Identity Soulbound Token, users can swiftly complete anti-bot and anti-sybil checks on the Linea network without the need to connect a wallet. This breakthrough functionality empowers users to seamlessly navigate the Linea ecosystem, ensuring fair airdrops and token distributions. By utilizing Identity Soulbound Token for identity verification, Linea can verify the uniqueness and authenticity of participants, preventing unfair distribution of tokens and promoting a more inclusive and equitable ecosystem.

2️⃣ Uncompromising Privacy: The zkMe and Linea partnership places privacy at the forefront. By adopting a decentralized approach, zkMe ensures that verified credentials are not stored in a centralized manner. Users maintain complete control over their data sharing, preserving their privacy and mitigating concerns about data breaches or unauthorized access. Take charge of your digital identity, safeguard your personal information, and explore the digital realm with confidence.

3️⃣ Enhanced Efficiency: Imagine verifying your identity just once and enjoying its seamless reusability across all Dapps on the Linea zkEVM network. Identity Soulbound Token brings forth unparalleled efficiency by eliminating repetitive verification processes. Users can experience rapid and accurate anti-bot and anti-sybil checks, enhancing the overall user experience. Whether it’s participating in online competitions, engaging in social interactions, or exploring diverse gaming activities, Identity Soulbound Token ensures streamlined and efficient identity verification.
4️⃣ Unlocking Benefits through Verifications: Identity Soulbound Token empowers users to unlock a world of benefits through identity verifications. The more verifications completed, the greater the rewards and value-added services offered. Engage in game identity verification to access exclusive in-game rewards, or participate in social identity verification to connect with like-minded individuals and gain entry into specialized communities. Identity Soulbound Token transforms your digital identity into a valuable asset, opening doors to unique opportunities and experiences.

Through our partnership with Linea, we are determined to address the core challenges of decentralized identity. By combining our expertise, we offer individuals the ability to reclaim their privacy and security in the digital realm, reshaping how we verify identities and interact online.” — Alex Sheer, zkMe CEO

The partnership between zkMe and Linea brings forth a new era in decentralized identity, where users have full control over their identities, interactions prioritize privacy, and seamless experiences become the norm. If you need assistance testing zkMe’s solutions on Linea’s testnet for user verification, anti-sybil protections or other use cases, or would simply like to know more, contact the zkMe team directly at

We welcome opportunities to discuss how integrating zkMe’s privacy-preserving credentials within your App running on Linea.

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